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Erectile dysfunction: My erection issues make me feel shamed

I was scared when I first noticed that my penis wasn’t staying hard. Then I stopped getting morning hard-ons. That was the first real sign that something was wrong. I’m sure my girlfriend at the time noticed something wasn’t right but it was just too awkward to talk about it.

I've heard a lot about the product to get erection and decided to try one of them-Top Gun Drops. I once saw it in my friend's home.


Manufacturers promised to make some differences in the first week. Just mix 1 ml with water and drink before having sex. The feeling was very excited, and I have not experienced such erection 4 years! I hold my wife and shove my penis on her butt. She was so suprised! When she put her hand in my pants with a usual motion, she become more that amazed. Instead of an old limp wrinkled bean, there was a large... no, JUST ENORMOUS beautiful penis, stiff as a rock.

She was already exhausted and totally drained, and I didn't think I could surprise her with anything else at that point... But that was not it... What I experienced afterwards cannot be described in words... IT WAS THE FIRST TIME EVER THAT I SAW HER ORGASM!!!


We'd never had sex like that before. Next couple of days, we have sex every day, and I could erect 3-5 hours and never get tired. So, to all men who have penises, I recommend this wonderful Top Gun Drops. However, you should pay attention to the fake product which may cause damage to your health and the some side effects. You could order from here where I got the link from its official agent..

Believe me,it is better to order it on the manufacturer’s website, as in other places it is possible to stumble across a fake, plus you can buy the product at a discounted price on the official site.



Mike Cohen

Dude, I totally understand you. I also had problems because of FAKE one. Ramped up by the advertising, it took me a while to heal from the terrible rash it gave me.


Daniel Johnston

3-5 hours ha? Cool! I was thinking about surgery but now I will not.


Peter Clarke

It’s good that I found this article. I heard about Top Gun Drops before. I wanted to try. Thanks to the author.


Sam Chartrand

I had been using Top Gun Drops all this time. It works pretty well.


Tommy Garnett

Friend, you’re lucky. I have used a lot fake products. It would be more useful to burn my money then spend it on this shit.


Neal James

Tommy, I agree. My wife bought Top Gun Drops for me, and the effect was just like what you said.


Jason Malmberg

Pretty good! It help a lot when I want to have sex with my wife. I was 56 years old, and the weak erection makes me sad. This product is really worked!


Brad Lim

I have never trusted advertising. I do not understand how it is possible to smear something unknown on my penis!


Caleb Bourke

Brad, “something unknown?” Read the ingredients of Top Gun Drops. There is nothing bad in it. It helped me.Top Gun Drops. There is nothing bad in it. It helped me.


Alexander McKeith

Wow! I am lucky, it turn out. I also tried other brands. There was no toxemia or rash but the results were so-so. Easy to get rid of.